Wonderful Interior Ideas

Use ribbons instead of rings
Redesign your windows with colorful ribbons. It looks fresh, airy, and imaginative.
Use an edge lining for your drapes
You can change the way your drapes look without buying new ones by adding an interesting edge lining. You can stick a ribbon with pompoms on it or sew a decorative piping with an ornament . There are lots of options to suit anyone’s taste.
Handmade decoration for plant pots
If you freshen up your windows, why not do the same for the flowerpots on your window sills? Here are a few samples of what you can easily do. All you need are a couple of single-tone pots, a bit of paint, and your imagination.
Decorate a lamp with materials at hand
You can conceal that lamp stand you don’t like with simple twigs, and decorate the stand of a floor lamp with a rope.
A handmade clock
You can make your own imaginative clock just like the ones in expensive interior design stores in just a matter of a few hours — it’s not as hard as it may seem.
Use corner shelves
The kitchen is the part of your apartment that always needs more room, whatever the size. That’s why, instead of large cabinets, you can use light open shelves.
Make an additional shelf for spices
It’s common knowledge that a kitchen can be crowded — including your storage space. These bloggers suggest solving this issue with an additional spice shelf you can easily make with your own hands.
Make a canvas ’wallpaper’ for your door
Take some patterned canvas and cornstarch glue, and your boring door transforms into something creative. Such ’wallpaper’ is simple to take off, so when you’re tired of the pattern you can easily remove it and change it for something else.
Make a bath rug of natural materials
Cork is a great natural material that dries quickly and saves heat. It’s also pleasant to step on such a rug. Making it out of wine corks will definitely arouse sweet moments from your past. See the guide on how to do it here.
Hang a wall panel
Various cute little things are nice for decorating an empty wall — for example, old postcards or, once again, wine corks. A cork panel can also be used as a hanging organizer for pictures or notes.
Add some color to your door
This idea is perfect for those who want to liven up their home but can’t make radical changes. You can even do this in a rented apartment, because returning to the initial look is easy.
Make a hanging shelf out of a tabletop shelf
A desk often lacks space to store various knickknacks. In this case, a tabletop shelf can easily be made into a hanging one, and it’ll fold too. It doesn’t only make more room, but adds some color as well.
Put a thin bookcase in an empty corner
Corridors almost always have such small corners and niches where seemingly nothing fits. Nevertheless, you can use this space to hold a small bookcase. The bookcase is quite simple and doesn’t require expensive supplies.



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