5 Inspirational Furniture Designs

Typography Lamps
It’s no secret that we’re huge typography fans here at Creative Bloq. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered this super-cool graphic lamp collection by Portugal-based furniture store Delightfull. Based on a selection of iconic typefaces, including Garamond, Didot, and Bidoni, the lamps come in a spectrum of colours, shapes and sizes, and there’s one for each letter of the alphabet, as well as numbers 0-9.
Floating wall desk
If you’re studio is tight on space then this cool floating wall desk by designer Dario Antonioni may be just the thing for you.
Clever use of geometry and physics eliminates the need for legs, with the design able to accommodate either standing or traditional sitting height. The desk also features a full surface slide out tray and cable management slot.
Bookworm Shelf
This awesome bookshelf by Dutch design studio Atelier 010 means you can now immerse yourself in the world of books in the comfort of your own home.
This ultramodern, unique piece of furniture stands by itself thanks to a steel base, has its own seating area and even include a light bulb for late night reading.
Bicycle storage
We really like this clever item from Berlin-based studio Mikili. Specialising in bicycle furniture, the team designed this brilliant item that doubles as bicycle rack and bookshelf.
To be honest, it’s seems more a way of displaying your two-wheeled vehicle as a centre piece than an actual bicycle rack. But it does the job in style. And means no more muddy carpets!
Cradle Chair
We’re pretty sure that a couple of minutes rocking in this bad boy would send us to sleep!
Designer Richard Clarkson made this beautiful cradle chair in collaboration with Grace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter. The concept came about after the team took the idea of some adults always bearing a child side within to another level.
Pullout Balcony
How about this for an outdoor space? For all those city bugs out there, check out this brilliant piece of design by Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin.
Named the Bloomframe, this innovative window transforms into a balcony at the click of a button and can be installed in a variety of buildings. Awesome!

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