How Room Color Affects Your Mood

Why do we choose certain colors to decorate our home — is it based on our personal tastes or the color trends for that season? Or is the color of our walls, furniture and soft furnishings more closely aligned to the psychological impact and the specific benefits it can bring?

Here, Malcolm Walker, director of product at Furniture Village, shares his insights into how color can be used in our living space to influence our mood.


Yellow is often associated with happiness, and this energizing and vibrant tone is fantastic for living areas and kitchens. It is an extremely warm and welcoming shade and so it also works well in hallways, lifting the mood as soon as you enter the home. If used exclusively however, this shade can be overwhelming and it can have the opposite effect. To get the most out of yellow, use it sparingly as an accent shade against crisp white.



As the color of the sky and the ocean, the naturally cooling and calming effects of blue work well to inspire tranquillity in bedrooms and bathrooms. Lighter, brighter blues work better to encourage a calming environment than deeper regal and navy tones. The color is also associated with intelligence and productivity, and is therefore a good choice for a home office.



Unlike pink, red is bold and often associated with aggression. Used within the home however, it makes a strong statement and can work particularly well in the dining room as the color is said to stimulate the appetite. As the symbol of passion and energy, it is a great color in spaces where one would entertain as it naturally encourages conversation, but would probably be too intense for the bedroom where colors should evoke a feel of calm and relaxation.


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