Shwas Homes move ahead of trends

Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd a well established organisation having a total project value of around Rs.1000 crore and more than thousand satisfied customers to its credit has interesting information to convey to the world. According to Shaji Ayyapan who heads Shwas properties section, when they launched their first project near Vyttila Mobility Hub, there was pessimism among others about its success. “But we achieved success. During that time, the land value was just Rs 50,000 per cent now the land rate is around Rs 24,00,000 per cent. We proved that the land where you sow the right seed decides the fruit of your investment, says, Shaji Ayyapan.

Sreeni Parameswaran who heads Shwas Homes said, “Our specialised land investment division gives expert advice to short term and long term property investors. And even after sale, we offer further assistance,” He went on further to say, “We have various products of investments like plots, residential plots, farmhouse units and resort units. Also the land will have clear title, suitable permits, after sale assistance, transfer facilities and more importantly credibility,”

With excellent top  management, Shwas Homes move ahead of trends.


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