Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd

Shwas Homes Guest House is about to be handed over soon

Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd is fast approaching the time of handing over of the Guest House by making the best use of time and ability. Each Guest House is  thoughtfully designed with 2 bedroom furnished premium suites fine tuned for the most selective home buyers especially for NRI’s who would definitely like to enjoy their annual vacation to Cochin.
With the Assistance of Full fledged SHWAS HOSPITALITY Division, scope for renting out daily, weekly or monthly basis to travelers, business people & students will give you returns as it is positioned in close proximity to famous temples, colleges and converging places.
The amenities are:
•    2 Bedroom Furnished Premium Suites
•    7 Floors
•    8 Suites in Each Floor
•    Holiday Home During Vacation
Shwas Homes keeps to their promise in terms of quality and world class amenities.


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