Shwas Homes

Shwas Homes – Moonwater Tower Sample Flat ready in AQUACITY

Moonwater Tower located in Aquacity, the nearing completion project is expected to hand over by Dec 2012.

Shwas Homes Moonwate Tower
Moonwater comprises of 22 Floors having 4 Apartments in each Floor and is known as “SKY VILLAS“. The reason why  it is known as sky villas is due to various reasons.

  • There are only 4 units in each floor which are designed in 4 different direction
  • There is no common sharing wall between each units which give the feeling of an independant villa
  • The atrium design in the centre gives a star hotel ambiance more over there is a private garden inside each sky villas

Totaling 88 Skyvillas, Moonwaters is a True personification of luxurious living. Shwas Homes give its apartment a premium touch with aesthetic designs and trendy interiors.


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