Shwas Homes

Shwas Homes integrate services to improve sales

Shwas Homes management team is here to initiate and intergrate services that pave way to improved sales of all the nearing completion projects.

The promotional and advertising vents especially dedicated for the NRI’s and initiated by Shwas Homes range from Property Information outlets at Cochin International Airport, Oberon Mall, Cochin to Mega Textile Shops. Every promotional activity has been launched to provide maximum information about the best properties available at Cochin.

The NRI’s who are interested to invest their hard earned  money in properties and real estate can be easily spotted in all these commercial areas where they are sure to pass through. The pamplets and promos are  so informative that there is serious business happening each time you see those nearing completion projects very well managed and controlled by Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd.
Shwas Homes team is here to serve you with the best property deal at discount rates you would  never expect.


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